Rant #1

You get up at the darkest hour of the day, when everybody is soundly sleeping, it’s a physical pain just to open your eyes when you could be so comfortable in your mattress with your favourite plush toy next to you. 

 But if you did sleep, you would miss this glorious sun shining so beautifully. You’re exhausted from the day, climbing up and down 10 floors of stairs 3 times and you just lay your head on the hard wood, uncomfortable at most times, your rear muscles complaining at the soreness of sitting so roughly on the dark wood seats, yet you couldn’t be more at peace. This feeling of complete tranquility washes over you and you can’t help but smile at the yellow and green that you’re leaving behind at every rocking movement. And it’s ironic really, how the song you always skipped on your playlist just fits, because it fits and that’s why you live. For moments like this that make it all worth it, that makes a whole month of self loathing and loneliness just fade away. 

  If this is what living is, I don’t ever want to stop. I don’t ever want to stop smiling each time I take a deep breath and close my eyes because I know everything will be fine when I open them. 

  This is glorious. 


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