Why am I starting a blog when I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna follow through?

Too long of a title for the first post? I know. Starting a blog has been a fancy of mine for ages. But then I’m not someone who follows through with her commitments till the end.

But right now, on the verge of sleep, having had only 3 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours (End semester exams, fuck you) and having an emotional breakdown over the fact that the guy I like will probably never like me back and will go on wild adventures with his cool bunch of friends, all these issues about commitment seem so wispy. My Google Keep is filled with so many pieces about anxiety and the occasional ‘almost poem’ that I cannot post them on any kind of social media, for the fear that some people might recognise that I might have more issues than what they’re actually used to seeing everyday.

So, here I am at 12:37 a.m. typing away furiously with the intermittent yawn and checking my phone for that double long vibration, so I that I don’t miss his texts by even a minute. Also, no, I’m not that chick that’s like super obsessed over a guy. I know, everything I’ve written until now seems to contradict the former statement, but just be patient with me, I’m going to write a lot more and you’ll know that the centre of my universe is no one but me.

I’m going to start by posting some pikchurs (that’s how I say pictures, get over it, you aggressive spell checkers) every time I ever travel or run off on a sudden unplanned adventure, because there’s only so many pikchurs that you can upload on Instagram without people rolling their eyes and I’ll simultaneously be posting old stuff from my Google Keep while I keep trying to come up with new pieces of how I’ve destroyed my sanity and my social life.

Goodnight or Good day, to y’all. 🙂



One thought on “Why am I starting a blog when I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna follow through?

  1. In retrospect, when you look at this title today, faced with reality…have you told people you’re blonde yet? *flipface*…
    (P.S. so edgy goddammit :D)


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