And I give up.

Not really, no. When I started this 2 days back I honestly didn’t think I’d keep this up. But my brain keeps coming up with stuff to write about every twenty minutes. It’s like I’m flooded with ideas, with these random passages that keep hijacking my already messy thought process.

It started when I went for a walk yesterday. I do the long walks thing a lot. Not exactly for the peace of mind or for some deeper purpose, it’s just because I’m very self obsessed, obsessed with how I look and how much I weigh, you know the usual ‘Oh my bleeding Merlin, I gained like half a kilogram’. I’m your usual vain teenager.

Wow, that went very off the tracks. So, here I was on one of my usual long walks and I had these flashes of paragraphs in my head about what I wanted to write. The foremost thing that crossed my overrated angst filled brain was about how the mainstream media was selling the idea that love is this painful tragedy and how that pain makes it more beautiful and how it is absolute bullshit, but that’s just something I don’t think I’m even qualified to write about, having never been in love myself.

And then I had a very flashy blue light bulb pop up over my head. I suddenly wanted to write about my father, or as I’d like to call him Darth Vader, Vader for short. If you think that I’m being dramatic, I probably am, but let me tell you this, Leia was not raised by Anakin Skywalker and whatever torture was inflicted upon her by him in A New Hope was momentary compared to the 19 years of torture I’ve been under. So you can all roll your eyes and call me a silly girl, but you haven’t walked a mile in my sexy heels.

So, for obvious reasons I gave up on that idea. But I promised myself that I’d write something, something new within these 2 days, something not from my Google Keep. Maybe what I’ve written until now is nothing compared to what most people write, but hey, I’m new to this blogging thing, so all I can do for now is give you these works of rubbish off the top of my head.

Bear with me as I improve. And I will. Until then,

Goodnight and Goodday.


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