The Hangover Chronicles 

This post is a clap back on crossing another milestone in adulthood. 

I experienced my first hangover!

It is definitely nothing to be celebrated, it just feels vile and you want someone to just end the misery by drilling a hole through your skill.

BUT, I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like to have one (anyone else?).

So, I was invited to my first party in the college campus (only took me 3 years) and I wasn’t really all that excited to go, because it was just going to be a bunch of seniors that I hadn’t really even been introduced to properly. But I was excited for one main reason, my life seemed to be headed in the direction of fanfiction base plots. If you’ve read fanfiction you’ll know what I’m talking about as I continue to recall the nightmare that my night out turned into. So, I’m there and the birthday guy’s cutting his cake and stuff is happening, people are clapping and all I wanted to do was to run straight into Azkaban. What in the name of Merlin was I thinking when I decided to go to a party where I knew less than 5 people?! I sipped beer and stuck to the curtains in the hopes that the ground would open up and swallow me whole. 

And LO! My phone buzzed and I was saved or so I thought. Let’s just call this person Marmalade. I texted Marmalade and said I’d meet up with him in a couple of minutes. If I’d just left at that very moment, I wouldn’t have had The Fuckening™ happen. I decided to stay a few more minutes before I left and that, my dear readers, is when I was handed vodka which I greedily consumed. Just like the protagonist in any fanfiction, I ended up slightly tipsy under the night sky, laughing and giggling and finally, finaalllly kissing Marmalade. And I think that’s where the night went downhill from. Confused and angry, I did something you should definitely not do when you’re drunk, I drank more. 

That’s most of what I remember for now, everything else is a blur of people holding my hair up and calling me sweetheart a million times, puking and puking and more puking. But that was like Grindelwald before Voldemort showed up to make matters worse with the hangover in the morning. The hangover is a whole different story in a whole different post which is just as uninteresting as this. So, yes the title is misleading. 🙂


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