The Marvel-lous Post

Harry Potter is a legend, okay?

And it inspired and caused an entire generation to fall in love with it.

But here’s the kicker, I’m not entirely part of that generation. Of course I love and live by those books (not the movies, never the movies). I understood bravery, friendship and love. I learnt not to judge someone based on the circumstances of their birth or anything that happens to anyone that’s beyond their control. I learnt true evil is not Lord Voldemort, but Umbridge, the woman who makes you feel helpless just because she’s in a position of authority and abuses her power. We relate to the so many Umbridges we see in our everyday life.
But I did not wait patiently for each of those books to be released every year to read them. In fact the first Harry Potter book I ever read was The Half Blood Prince and I honestly had no clue what was going on and had very little inkling to even read anything else, but I did and that’s a whole different story of love.

Star Wars is my dad’s thing.


Marvel. (And Captain America’s butt)

Some of the first superhero movies I watched were the old Superman ones with Christopher Reeves playing Clark Kent. Of course, at this point Marvel and DC weren’t all that different to me.
And then, the Avengers happened. I don’t exactly remember who gave me the movie, it was just there on my laptop one day when I was bored and needed something to pass the time. It must have been 2 months since the movie had been released. I obviously didn’t understand the Iron Man, Captain America or Thor references in the movie but damn it, did I fall in love with Clint Barton jumping off of the roof with that single arrow and Natasha’s badassery. Of course, I did not jump into the ‘Loki is a misunderstood baby and let’s all love him’ bandwagon, but I can understand now why it was a very popular notion.

It. Was. Glorious.

It’s not just about the movies anymore now. I’ve 80 Gb worth of comics, both Marvel and DC, stored on my laptop and more on my hard disk. I’ve a huge ass tattoo of Winter Soldier’s star forming the Cap’s shield on my right rib cage and getting that done hurt like a bitch. It isn’t just about Cap’s butt, it’s about his values, his morals and everything he stands for.

It’s about the strong representation of women like Natasha Romanoff, Hope van Dyne, Jane Foster, Pepper Potts and my personal favourite, Daisy Johnson aka Quake. It’s learning that heroes make mistakes, they wouldn’t be heroes if they didn’t, and that most of them are flawed and that’s what makes them more human. Being alive now, with these movies, showing up to every single screening on the first day of release, this feeling might be ephemeral, but when I look back at the age of , let’s say 32, I’ll happily say I had a marvellous set of years.


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